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We believe that “giving back” isn’t just about philanthropy. To us, it’s about protecting the land in which we grow our berries so that we will continue to have viable farming in our communities for generations to come. It’s about caring for people, both within our company and our communities. Here are several ways that we practice Earth-friendliness….

Recyclable Packaging

We pack your berries in 100% recyclable clamshell containers!

Water and Soil Management

Drip irrigation allows us to deliver only the necessary amounts of water and nutrients to our crops. Also, soil health is critical to ensure a healthy plant and a high quality, flavorful crop. So, crop rotation and composting are essential parts of our agricultural practices.

Integrated Pest Management
– a long name for minimized pesticides!

California Giant farmers control pest damage by working with nature, frequently relying on natural pest enemies (predator mites), pest resistant varieties through improved breeding practices, pest monitoring to prevent infestation, cultural practices and other methods to minimize the need for pesticides.

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Organic Berries

California Giant is committed to producing organically grown berries for our customers who prefer them and is focused on increasing our acreage dedicated to organically grown berries in response to the demand. Look for our green label to indicate organically grown berries at your local store.

Making a Difference

The California Giant Foundation was formed to unify our philanthropic initiatives and provide a long term platform for giving. Click here for more info.

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