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We strongly agree with health experts that advise Americans to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, regardless if grown conventionally or organic to get the most nutritional value from our diets. Additionally, U.S. government health officials and international health organizations agree that the nutritional benefits of eating lots of fruits and vegetables far outweigh any risk from pesticide residues on produce.

Please visit www.safefruitsandveggies.com to get more information on pesticide use, exposure and potential risk and try the calculator on that site to determine risk for adults and children. We understand that many consumers are concerned about the use of crop protection tools and opt for organic produce, and we produce organic berries as an alternative. Our organic berries are available at many retailers across the country and certified by the CCOF & USDA.

The Food and Drug Administration recommends washing fresh produce before eating as a healthful habit. You can reduce and often eliminate pesticide residues if they are present on fresh fruits and vegetables by washing them with cold or warm tap water.

Highest Food Safety Standards

Highest Food Safety Standards

California Giant's food safety program was developed many years ago based on USDA's Good Agricultural Practices and guidance from the California Department of Health Services. Additionally, our company strictly adheres to guidance developed and certified by international third party audit laboratories. This third party guidance applies to each field operation and facility evaluating and certifying standards with regard to worker safety & sanitation and cultural practices, as well as water and soil testing.

The California Giant Food Safety Objective is to ensure that all the products we market are as free as possible from elements that might bring harm of any kind to our customers. Our intention is to apply the best available practices to prevent contamination of our products from any source. Key activities in our complete food safety program include training, global food safety audits and traceability. We conduct regular training programs with our workers in the field focused on educating our harvesting crews on food safety practices under the guidelines from the California Strawberry Commission ongoing programs using specially designed training regimes to maximize the understanding and implementation. Supervisors are also trained in the industry standard Advanced Food Safety Program to have a greater understanding of the basic elements of food safety to enhance their ability to make good decisions in the field every day and provide leadership.

California Giant also has food safety personnel on staff that works with our farmers and facilities to ensure good practices and assist with training programs of employees as ongoing support. The company is committed to visiting, inspecting, and observing the third party audits both domestically and internationally to assist with full compliance.

In the event of a food safety incident involving either our berries or those from another company, we utilize a comprehensive traceability program that provides us the ability to trace our strawberries and blueberries back to the individual clamshell. Consumers are encouraged to use this traceability service on our website www.calgiant.com/trace to learn more about where their berries were grown and, in the event of a crisis, get information about the California Giant berries they specifically purchased. We can also track our blackberries and raspberries back to the individual box. While we are proud to have this traceability program in place, our goal is to rely first and foremost on training to ensure safe practices.

Our Food Safety Program has always provided verifiable information and documentation on soil testing, water testing, product trace back capabilities, field sanitation and pesticide use to ensure our berries are produced in the safest possible manner. Our audit results are published at: http://www.primuslabs.com.

Highest Focus on Consumer Satisfaction

Highest Focus on Consumer Satisfaction

Each employee at California Giant is committed to providing the best quality and flavor experience and we want to hear from you if you have concerns about our berries.

Each container of our berries has a traceback label to provide us with vital tracking information back to the farm. We also display our website address on each container to ensure we receive your feedback if you have questions or concerns about our berries. When you contact us with any questions or concerns, we respond personally to each message. Not only are they delicious, our berries are an essential source of vitamin C, fiber, folic acid, and phytochemicals (phyto-nutrients), as well as being sodium-free, cholesterol-free, fat free and low in calories. Our berries are so versatile and so easy to add to almost any dish for that added color, flavor and elegance. Please visit the recipe section of our website for more information.

Great Products

Great Products

We are committed to surpassing your quality expectations. From field to fork we go to great lengths to ensure our berries are consistently delicious and we take pride in the quality of our berries every day as well as our customer service.

We work closely with our farmer partners to grow varieties that have the highest flavor profile available while fighting pests and disease to assist in reducing the amount of crop protection tools used in our fields on an annual basis. At California Giant we utilize 100% recyclable packaging in shipping all of our berry varieties. We also utilize drip irrigation on all of our ranches delivering only the necessary amounts of water and nutrients to our berries in a targeted approach. Using a drip system, we are able to conserve water and reduce waste of the most precious resources in the nation.