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Capitalizing on Brand Collaborations, California Giant Berry Farms Adds Value and Expands Reach

(Watsonville, CA – February 5, 2018) Watsonville, CA – What is created when fresh produce brands team up for a day full of food, fun, and photography? Pure magic. California Giant Berry Farms has once again collaborated with Envy™ apples, to produce a variety of craveable, consumable, and on-trend content. Recipes, photos, and videos from this partnership – starting with a “Galentine’s Day” soiree – will be promoted across both brands’ digital platforms to appeal to each other’s audiences and inspire purchases of the premium berries and apples.

Following the success of their 2017 Friendsgiving collaboration, California Giant’s vice president of marketing, Cindy Jewell, approached Envy™ about continuing their strategic partnership. “Of course berries pair deliciously with apples, but our brands complement and enhance each other far beyond just recipes,” said Jewell. “We target the same audiences, share a commitment to delivering consistent and quality content, and believe that strategic consumer marketing is key to driving sales and securing brand loyalty.”

From a poached caramel apple to white chocolate and rosé covered strawberries,

While the “Galentine’s Day” collaboration will be the first of many this year, California Giant Berry Farms and Envy™ know that parties and homemade meals may be rare occasions in many households. The brands are coordinating a joint lifestyle shoot in the spring to highlight that their products – simply eaten out-of-hand – are sweet staples in the everyday lives of apple and berry lovers, as well.

“We will always showcase our berries as the versatile, nutritious products they are,” adds Jewell.  “By aligning with other likeminded brand partners, we’re able to emphasize those qualities to larger audiences and in new and different ways. That’s ultimately how we want to connect with consumers and promote the California Giant Berry Farms brand.”

California Giant Berry Farms hopes to partner with other complementary grocery brands, too. To inquire about collaborative opportunities, please contact Cindy Jewell.

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