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Fresh Produce Brands Make a Splash with Skinny Dips Summer Promotion

(Watsonville, CA – May 31, 2016) – Fresh produce brands California Giant Berry Farms, Crunch Pak, Mission Produce, Ocean Mist Farms, and SUNSET® expose their “cheeky” side with this summer’s Skinny Dips promotion, which offers consumers the opportunity to download a recipe ebook full of healthy dips, and enter for the chance to win a $4,000 summer vacation prize pack.

 As part of an ongoing collaborative marketing strategy, each brand will use data earned and collected from this promotion to nurture fresh produce shoppers and enthusiasts based on dietary preference, retail shopping habits, and demographics in order to deliver content that is relevant to each unique person. Ten influential food bloggers will also be supporting the sweepstakes by creating unique recipe content that coincides with the “skinny dipping” theme in order to encourage sweepstakes entries and ebook downloads from a highly qualified audience of foodies.

 “We love partnering with other fresh produce brands because we know people aren’t going to the store to buy just one type of fresh fruit or vegetable – they want different flavors to create healthy summer recipes and that’s what we’ve helped provide with this ebook” said Diana McClean, director of marketing for Ocean Mist Farms.

 “We’re able to extend our marketing efforts when we partner together to provide inspiring, trending, and helpful content to people,” said Krista Jones, director of brand marketing at Crunch Pak. “We’re able to not only offer bigger incentives to engage with us long-term, but we are providing relevant content in the end!”  

 To enter the sweepstakes and download the free Skinny Dips recipe ebook, consumers can visit each of the brand partners’ websites or corresponding social media platforms, which will support the promotion through July 7, 2017.

 California Giant Berry Farms, Crunch Pak, Mission Produce, Ocean Mist Farms, and SUNSET® will continue to create relevant content and communications throughout the year, based on consumer feedback provided by each opt-in form from the sweepstakes.

 “We want to ensure that our content continues to meet consumers’ needs and this sweepstakes gives us the opportunity to poll thousands of shoppers to understand exactly what information is most useful to them,” added Daniela Ferro, communications coordinator at Mastronardi Produce/SUNSET®.

Consumers can expect to see their favorite fruits and vegetables “hanging out” in recipes like Strawberry Guacamole, Healthy Layered Apple Crumble Dip, Mint & Lime Avocado Relish, Artichoke Hummus, and Kumato Salsa. To get these and other Skinny Dips recipes, enter the sweepstakes and download the ebook on any of the brand partners’ websites.

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