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Press Releases


California Giant Helps Shoppers Make The Most of Summer with Coupons, Recipes and Sweepstakes
June 15, 2020

California Giant Is Blockchain Compliant
May 26, 2020

California Giant Welcomes New Director of Marketing
April 14, 2020

California Giant Berry Farms Stands with Industry on Sustainable Packaging Resolutions
January 28, 2020

California Giant Berry Farms Names New President
January 6, 2020


A Giant Team Effort Brings Strawberries to Costco’s First China Warehouse Club
August 27, 2019

Winner, Winner, Blueberry Quail Dinner - California Giant Berry Farms Announces 2nd Annual Chef Invitational Winner
June 27, 2019

California Giant Berry Farms Announces Chef Invitational Finalists
May 15, 2019

California Giant supports key customer initiative committed to Reducing Environmental Impacts
April 25, 2019

California Giant Berry Farms Chef Invitational Entry Deadline One Month Away
April 1, 2019

Cal Giant Berry Farms Introduces Sustainability Initiative
January 7, 2019


California Giant Berry Farms Expansion on Track
December 17, 2018

California Giant Berry Farms Breeds Innovation from the Inside Out
October 16, 2018

Back to College Already a Success for California Giant
August 22, 2018

California Giant Berry Farms Announces First Annual Chef Invitational Winner
July 16, 2018

California Giant Expands Raspberry Program
June 18, 2018

California Giant Announces Finalists in Chef Invitational Showdown
June 1, 2018

California Giant Building Loyalty From Direct Consumer Insights
May 16, 2018

Industry Supports 59th Annual Original Spring Lamb BBQ
April 25, 2018

California Giant Berry Farms Hires Chief Operating Officer
March 11, 2018

California Giant Berry Farms Launches Nationwide Chef Invitational
March 6, 2018

Capitalizing on Brand Collaborations, California Giant Berry Farms Adds Value and Expands Reach
February 6, 2018

California Giant Berry Farms Excited to Sponsor 5th Tour de Fresh
January 10, 2018


California Giant Hosts Berry Planting Field Trip
November 21, 2017

Back to School “College” Edition
August 17, 2017

Retail Activity Heats Up in August with California Walnut Board Test Programs
July 25, 2017

Shoppers Following Us to Our Farm
July 10, 2017

California Giant Berry Farms Adds to Sales Team
March 14, 2017

California Giant Publishes Limited Edition Cookbook
February 27, 2017

California Giant Hires Director of Foodservice
February 21, 2017


California Giant Trending on #BerriesforPresident
October 3, 2016

California Giant Staff BBQ for Charity
July 20, 2016

California Giant Improves Cold Chain Management as Summer Approaches
July 1, 2016

Fresh Produce Brands Make a Splash with Skinny Dips Summer Promotion
May 31, 2016

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