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Your strawberries were grown in

Oxnard, CA

Your strawberries were grown in

Zamora, Mexico

Your strawberries were grown in

Salinas, CA

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Santa Maria, CA

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Watsonville, CA

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Los Reyes, Mexico

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Plant City, Florida

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Meet Our Farmers

Your berries were grown in the beautiful Salinas Valley. Some say this is the 'Salad Bowl of the World', but we prefer to call it Berry Country. This lush valley is part of the central coast and boasts rich farmland and gorgeous mountain and ocean views complemented by a mild climate.

Salinas Valley berry fields will be harvested by hand every few days from March through November. The Salinas Valley is so large that there are several different micro climates that support the growth of not only our berries, but also many different varieties of lettuce, celery, Brussels sprouts, and more. Salinas reportedly grows more produce than any other city in the U.S.

This California Giant berry farming region of Salinas is next door to our office headquarters in Watsonville as well as our friends in Castroville that grow the majority of the nation's artichokes. Since this is a large rural farming region, we rotate our ranches every year with vegetable growers, replenishing vital nutrients in the soil. Next season the very ranch in Salinas that grew these delicious berries will most likely be growing lettuce and our farm will have moved next door!

Field Gallery

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Meet Our Farmers

Your berries were grown in Watsonville, California. In addition to farming, Watsonville is also where our headquarters has been located since we opened our doors for business over 35 years ago. Watsonville is a rural farming town rich with our berry fields and apple trees, and surrounded by artichokes and Brussels sprouts in neighboring Castroville. Watsonville is located in the center of the Monterey Bay and enjoys a very mild climate with cool ocean breezes almost all year long. Some of our berry fields here actually enjoy a beautiful ocean view.

This region begins harvesting fresh berries in late March to early April every year and we continue to harvest the same plants every few days throughout the summer and until winter approaches in November. This region can claim the most acreage and the longest strawberry growing season in the state. We love it here and hope you enjoy our "home grown" berries.

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Meet Our Farmers

Your berries were grown in Oxnard, California which serves as our southern California hub for fresh strawberries. Just an hour north of Los Angeles, Oxnard seems more than a world away from the hustle and bustle of its southern neighbor. Our farmers in this region plant and harvest berries on large, flat ranches and enjoy very mild climate conditions as well as a welcome ocean breeze. Our berries share this farming region with lots of other fresh produce like citrus, tomatoes and avocados.

Due to its mild temperatures, this farming region begins harvesting fresh strawberries in early January. The harvesting continues every few days all the way through the end of May. Once the weather becomes too warm here, the plants begin to show the stress of summer and fruit size and shelf life begin to decline. During this time of year, many fields will send their fruit to processing facilities where those fresh berries are quick frozen and packaged for retail distribution or as ingredients, finding their way into ice cream, granola bars, yogurt, etc.

Field Gallery

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Your berries were grown in Santa Maria, which is along California's beautiful, central coast. This farming region is considered a "cross-over region" which means that berries are harvested here from February (like our more southern farms) throughout the summer and into the fall (similar to our Northern California farms).

Santa Maria is just about an hour north of the beautiful tourist town of Santa Barbara, and is a very significant farming community within the state. When traveling down Highway 101 directly through the heart of Santa Maria you will see our strawberries stretching alongside the road sharing the rich farmland with wine grapes, broccoli and cauliflower. On a warm summer day you can roll the windows down and experience that sweet berry aroma right from the freeway.

We also have a state-of-the-art cooling facility in Santa Maria that cools over 6 million trays of strawberries per season (that's about 48 million one-pound packages)! All of our farming partners in Santa Maria drop their berries off daily at this facility where they are cooled down to 32 degrees and shipped out in large refrigerated trucks within 24 hours.

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Your strawberries were grown in Zamora, Mexico, which is located in the northwestern part of the state of Michoacán between the cities of Morelia and Guadalajara. This is a very important agricultural area located at a higher elevation within Mexico in the northwestern part of the state. We farm our strawberries in this area due to the perfect soil and climate conditions for growing strawberries during a time of the year when California has winter weather and limited availability. Our farming partners in this region help us to provide fresh strawberries during the December – March time period by growing under large plastic hoops which provides a consistent environment for the plants and fruit They are passionate about providing the best berries every day and adhere to our strict quality and safety standards at California Giant to ensure best flavor for you.

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Your California Giant blackberries were grown high in the mountains in Los Reyes, Mexico. This growing region is in the western part of the Mexico state of Michoacán and known for its perfect climate in the winter with geography that allows consistent production and harvest of delicious and abundant fresh blackberries when our fields in California are dormant or in very short supply.

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Your strawberries were grown in sunny Plant City, Florida which is near Tampa and the center of the state. This is the perfect growing region for early fruit in December during the California winter that stretches into March just as California production begins to expand with Spring. Berries from Florida are sweet and delicious as they benefit from the same sunny climate that produces wonderful winter citrus we all enjoy every year.

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