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Santa Maria

Quality: Conventional and organic quality is good. Due to the high heat, fruit is ripen quickly, resulting in smaller sizing and softer skinned fruit. 

Volume: The season is winding down and production is reducing week-over-week.

Pack Counts: Conventional 20-26 depending on ranch; Organic 22-32 depending on ranch. 


Quality: Quality is great, with nice sheen and excellent flavor. Some occurrences of overripe and misshapen fruit.

Volume: Production has confirmed to have passed peak, and are expecting decreased, but steady production for the following weeks.

Pack Counts: Conventional 16-22; Organic 22-28, depending on ranch. 




Quality: Quality is good with some scarred and shriveled fruit due to hot weather. 

Volume: Volumes are decreasing due to unfavorable weather.

Pacific Northwest

Quality: Conventional and organic quality is good.

Volume: Volumes are increasing. 




Quality: Quality is good overall with occasional light-colored fruit.  

Volume: Volumes are steady. 


Quality: Quality is great.

Volume: Volumes are increasing.




Quality: Quality is good with nice sheen and color. Current defects are occasional regression and overripe fruit.

Volume: Volumes are increasing. 


Quality: Quality is good.

Volume: Volumes are increasing. 

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IFPA Foodservice Conference

July 25th – 26th
Monterey, CA
Booth #617

SEPC Southern Innovations

Sept. 12th – 14th
Nashville, TN


IFPA Global Produce & Floral Show

Oct. 17th – 18th
Atlanta, GA
Booth #B1439

A berry nice note from a California Giant Berry Farms shopper:

“I’ve never written to a producer of any food, but I am compelled to let you know that your strawberries are consistently the best we’ve ever had. We’ve eaten so many that I’m surprised we haven’t grown stems. Thank you for making us believe again that fruit can be grown, packaged, and shipped and remain delicious!”

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