Food Safety Program

At California Giant Berry Farms, our goal has always been to deliver you the berry best. For over 40 years, we’ve partnered with our growers to set the expectations and standards for food safety. Our goal is to deliver you top-quality, nutritious and safe berries. To ensure this, we adhere to the following key practices:

worker checking boxes

From field to fork we go to great lengths to ensure our berries are consistently delicious and safe, and we take great pride in our high-quality berries.

As part of our food safety program, California Giant Berry Farms employs third-party auditors to ensure Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) are followed by all growers. We diligently monitor for any possible risk to ensure we grow and harvest the safest berries for you.

Our food safety program validates and verifies information and documentation on soil testing, water testing, trace back capabilities and more.

We conduct regular training programs with our harvesting crews, growers and Food Safety team members on food safety practices and industry guidelines.


California Giant Berry Farms strictly adheres to the guidelines set forth by the FDA’s Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs). All California Giant Berry Farms growers go above and beyond the guidelines to mitigate the risk of microbial contamination. In addition, California Giant Berry Farms employs third-party auditors to ensure our growers are always in compliance with GAPs and regulatory requirements.

More Food Safety practices to ensure we deliver you the berry best:

Follow your berries to the farm.

Locate the 16-Digit Trace code.​ Enter the trace back code from your berries to learn about where they were grown. Too bad we can’t deliver the fresh fragrance, too!