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Quality: Both conventional and organic quality are great with occasional minor deformities. Plants are healthy with strong green fruit sets.  

Volume: Production is increasing.  

Pack Counts: Conventional: 25-28; Organic: 28-30 


Quality: Quality is good with occasional minor bruising.  

Volume: Production is increasing.  

Pack Counts: Conventional: 20-26, 26-28 depending on ranch 

Santa Maria

Quality: Conventional and organic quality is good with some green shoulders and occasional pin rot. Growers are assessing damage from rain over the weekend.  

Volume: Production continues to decrease.  

Pack Counts: Conventional Fall Crop: 20-25; Organic Fall Crop: 20-25, 30-32 depending on ranch 




Quality: Quality is good with sweet flavor, high bloom, and nice firmness.  

Volume: Arrivals through December will be light. Peak for both conventional and organic fruit is anticipated to start in January.  


Quality: Quality is good.  

Volume: Peak production continues for conventional fruit. Organic production has been delayed until the end of the year due to cold weather slowing ripening.  


Quality: Quality is fair with some bird damage and shrivel.  

Volume: Volumes are lower than anticipated due to slow ripening.  


Quality: Quality is a mix of good and fair.  

Volume: The last organic container is estimated to arrive at the end of December. Conventional production and arrivals are done for the season. 




Quality: Quality is good with some overripe and leaky fruit.  

Volume: Production is steady.  




Quality: Quality is very good with nice flavor.  

Volume: Production is steady.  


Apr 23rd – 25th
Vancouver, BC

Organic Produce Summit (OPS)

July 10th – 11th
Monterey, CA

IFPA Foodservice Conference

July 25th – 26th
Monterey, CA
Booth #617

SEPC Southern Innovations

Sept. 12th – 14th
Nashville, TN


IFPA Global Produce & Floral Show

Oct. 17th – 18th
Atlanta, GA

A berry nice note from a California Giant Berry Farms shopper:

“I don’t ever write reviews but felt the need to say that I purchased a container of blueberries from my local grocery store and they were absolutely delicious. The best blueberries I have had in a very long time. They were very big and very sweet. I will continue to buy your berries whenever I see the California Giant name in my grocery store. Thank you for a fantastic product!”

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