California Giant Berry Farms Forecasts Strong California Strawberry Supplies

WATSONVILLE, CA – May 8, 2024 – A bountiful harvest of California strawberries has arrived for California Giant Berry Farms, as the company shares news of giant volumes of its cornerstone product. The berry purveyor’s high yields and volumes of excellent quality fruit ensures peak promotable volumes of California strawberries throughout the coming months.

“Our season started off strong, with healthy plants from the beginning,” said Nick Chappell, director of sales at California Giant Berry Farms. “Despite some fruit culling due to rain early in our season, our plants have otherwise seen optimal growing conditions — which translates into the high-quality, sizeable, and flavorful fruit California Giant is known for.”

Out of the Santa Maria region, California Giant is reporting sizeable, high-quality conventional and organic fruit. The region is currently peaking and will continue to produce abundant harvests throughout the month. The Watsonville and Salinas growing region is seeing week-over-week increases in volumes, with estimates projecting substantial harvested volumes now and spanning to late-June. The region’s ranches are reporting excellent quality and flavor, alongside sizable fruit.

To support the expected influx of strawberries, California Giant encourages retailers to create visually appealing displays that highlight the vibrant colors and freshness of California strawberries. Merchandising a variety of pack sizes front-and-center of the produce department draws attention to the peaking availability. Retailers should leverage social media platforms and digital marketing to spread the word about California strawberries, sharing recipes, health tips, and fun facts to engage and educate consumers.

Through the shared industry goal to drive significant increases in strawberry consumption, California Giant continues to deliver the best berry experience by providing a year-round supply of sustainably grown fresh berries that represent the highest standards for quality, consistency and smiles.


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