California Giant Berry Farms Winter Season Blues

Blueberries in buckets

WATSONVILLE, CA – Nov. 29, 2021 – California Giant Berry Farms reports they have the winter blues – blueberries that is –  with global grower partners reporting peak volumes of organic and conventional blueberry supply for the start of winter season and beyond.

“We’ve started harvesting fruit from Chile that will provide for a constant winter supply of high-quality blueberries for export,” said Nader Musleh, executive director of internal business development at California Giant Berry Farms, “Organic volumes from Chile are increasing with the release of moth-free areas, and conventional varietal changes are producing exceptional quality fruit.”

The strong winter outlook for California Giant Berry Farms’ blueberry supply comes at a time when the company is poised to deliver increasingly high volumes, following its addition of new growers in Chile and expanded acreage.

Blueberry production in Mexico is expected to continually increase in the coming months, with the growing region’s season currently in its early stages. The region, known for its strong spring harvest is on track to produce as expected.

“We’re looking forward to another strong season in Central Mexico” said Rodrigo Aceves, director of operations, Mexico at California Giant, “We are expecting high yields, larger fruit and improved flavor profiles.”

Meanwhile, organic production out of California is beginning earlier than years past, with the first picks anticipated in early December and a gradual increase in volume is expected with peaks in April and May. The California Giant coastal organics program is the perfect complement to its import program for the continuity of supply throughout the year. The strong volume is eagerly awaited, as the stateside supply of blueberries will bypass the port issues and delays that have been plaguing the industry.

“Overall, we’ve seen an astonishing year-over-year volume increase,” said Markus Duran, director of bushberry supply at California Giant. “We are coming off Peru’s largest production year ever. It broke its all-time high export volume for the third consecutive year. Demand and consumption exceeding the all-time high is exciting, and we look forward to keeping the strong momentum throughout the Chilean season.”

To support the expected influx of blueberries this winter, California Giant will employ several consumer engagement opportunities to build brand awareness and drive purchase intent for fresh berries.

Through the shared industry goal to drive significant increases in blueberry consumption, California Giant continues to deliver on its mission to deliver the best berry experience by providing an all-season supply of sustainably grown fresh berries that represent the highest standards for quality, consistency and smiles.

Blueberries in buckets


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