OnePointOne Strawberry Farms Make Market Splash as IMEX Organics Purchases First Vertical Farm with 12 More on the Horizon

AVONDALE, Ariz. — Vertical farming is revolutionizing traditional agriculture and OnePointOne is taking it one step further as they bring the most technologically advanced strawberry farms direct to businesses in a big way. They are making an industry turning point as they announce IMEX Organics has purchased their first Opollo™ 3 strawberry farms and are committed to build another 12 farms by the end of 2025. This news comes in rapid succession following their partnership with California Giant Berry Farms and signals the first of many such farms and partnerships of this kind.

IMEX Organics will deliver berries to restaurants, resorts, and retailers around the world as they continue to grow and expand. The first three farms will be located in Phoenix, Arizona, adjacent to the current OnePointOne farm. Subsequent IMEX farms are planned in the United States, Europe and Asia. This comes at an important time as investors are seeing the value and benefits of vertical farming to diversify how they provide for consumers year-round while maintaining an incredible product with a smaller farm footprint and drastically higher yield in comparison to traditional farms.

“OnePointOne Opollo 3 farms are the first of their kind and provide something unique to our partners, phenomenal strawberries, yes, but also collaboration with our network of partners and farm owners as well as cutting-edge technical expertise and ongoing support,” said Sam Bertram, OnePointOne CEO and Co-founder. “Their success is ours and, at the heart of what we’re doing and what we care about is sustainably feeding and nurturing humanity with the best products nature and science can offer delivering food that is better for the consumer and better for the planet. We’ve experienced a great influx of interest in these farms and are excited to share additional partnerships that are already in motion as we progress further into 2022.”

The Opollo 3 system is also more advanced than other types of vertical farming (hydroponic or aquaponic, for example) driving increased quality and reducing cost to consumers. They are also the only company utilizing vertical-plane aeroponics, which allows for the highest level of end-to-end automation in the industry, which saves time, money and labor. Further, the AI components reduce waste with visual inspection and crop monitoring every step of the way. And what’s more, aeroponics uses 99 percent less water than traditional farming. For a $2 million dollar investment, businesses can own their own farm, changing the way strawberries are cultivated and harvested as OnePointOne and partners seek to revolutionize how to feed a growing population with this patent pending technology.

The benefits are clear for both businesses and consumers, bringing efficiency, production and consistency to this burgeoning industry. Additionally, Opollo 3 strawberry farms:

  • Yield almost 150 times more berries per year than a traditional farm
  • Produce over 125,000 pounds of strawberries per year
  • Have a 2,000 square-foot farm footprint
  • Are scalable and modular
  • Enjoy the benefits of California Giant’s supply chain
  • Can be installed anywhere in the world
  • Have a projected two-year return on investment
  • Guarantee year-round quality and yield reliability
  • Incur zero harm to precious soil

“In our mind, strawberries are just the beginning as we disrupt conventional farming norms and redefine the future of farming,” said Asad Ismail, CEO and Cofounder of IMEX Organics. “We’re thrilled to join OnePointOne and California Giant Berry Farms in leading the charge to bring fresh, nutrient-dense produce to our buyers in a revolutionary way.”

OnePointOne launched in 2017 and has been a trailblazer in vertical farming ever since making waves with continual advancement in technologies and efficiencies throughout their operations. To date, they have raised $60 million and are in the process of closing their Series A financing. Notable investors include: Fred Luddy, Novak Djokovic, Western Tech Investments, Blackhorn Ventures, and Santa Clara University Endowment.

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About OnePointOne
Founded in Silicon Valley, OnePointOne is revolutionizing vertical farming by building the most technologically advanced plant cultivation platform on the planet through innovations in automation, AI and plant science. OnePointOne launched Willo ( the world’s first personalized vertical farming program designed to amplify human health.

About IMEX Organics
Based in Henderson, NV, IMEX organics is an international import-export company providing high-quality, organic goods. Their mission is to become a bridge between the source and the customer to deliver organic goods with care. They value sustainable, ethical farming that helps bring healthy food to the consumer.


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