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Check out the videos below for selection, handling, storage and prep tips!

rQao9_SZThE: Chocolate Strawberries; Cn8dG-PiXeI: California Giant - Everybody's Berry; JL-KI8eFAQM: Summer Fun with California Giant; R-MARnMmYso: Plan a Day of Fun in the Sun with Cal Giant Berries; w2xO_LYzYiw: Sweeten Up Every Moment of the Day with California Giant; AVPbHtmDosw: Making Memories with California Giant; mO9JnR_dpqg: Sweeter Sunday Mornings with California Giant Berry Farms; rtQKgQrlEGM: Snacking Healthier between Classes with Cal Giant Berries; e8G6g23T8K4: Plan a Get-Away with California Giant Berries; iSPNZuwRP80: California Giant Recipes; 8qsoU-2fXVc: Strawberry Jalapeno Margaritas How To Video; wkThrbNtpEQ: Blackberry and Raspberry Cobbler How To Video; PjiCeQAMvBk: Berry Bruschetta Board How To Video; YZstAL5g9Qs: Blueberry Goat Cheese Pizza How To Video; bQiAU7L2wsM: Scary Berries; AvCk9qWbvOE: Endless Options; XRSAND4PAJs: Strawberry Daiquiri; NXptfylbwAk: Very Berry Tart

Grow and Tell

Get to know who's growing your California Giant berries as they tell their stories in the videos below.

-TmQoJWdAKw: Meet Your Growers - Jay Hoffman; qXRXeMKBfdw: Pacific Northwest Blueberry Farming - Luke McCreesh; aN1X8TFGcsM: Sustainable Blueberry Farming - Tyson Davies; M5VoNFql8No: Meet our Chilean Growers - Peter; MHnVNWp1Eyo: Meet our Chilean Farmers - Javiera; s---3n8QYoQ: Chilean Blueberries with Joe Barsi; EottCef2Wpo: Who Is Cal Giant?; Wb42phsqPzU: Timmy Wilson's My Berry Story; -8tlwAHG0MY: Jason Morgan's My Berry Story; sPtHHqDaguk: John Navarro's My Berry Story; SL0gASSzGRg: Rocha Bros My Berry Story; kedjfFXtGxE: Track Your Berries Back to Jason Morgan's Farm; 1yLETBSWeWU: A Day in the Life of a California Giant Strawberry; cVuFmhWJLUI: Pat Riordan; ufFEpg_QHyU: Steve Yamamoto; qNWbwdCthvw: Bill Moncovich Receives Chamber Award

Jr. Chefs

Check out the videos below for California Giant Jr. Chefs!

fSXEnHso7Hs: Oatmeal Banana Pancakes with Warm Berry Sauce; vuwu0KopUps: Mixed Berry Creamsicles; UydoW0MnuTs: Berry Kebabs; 0YTF41gNbGU: Sweet Berry Pizza; u4xFPLkGDYA: Mixed Berry Smoothie; inkJ6powdxI: Savory Strawberry Pizza


Check out the videos below for California Giant stories, commercials, and more!

_nTAYIPLAY8: An Important Part of Growing Berries - Bees!; -4uP-9m2b1E: Chilean Fields; -NkAaaXLP50: Tour De Fresh; hjEWj4lp0Io: The California Giant Berry Farms Story; TtWCrjevUvQ: Tour de Fresh 2015 Official Video; rG6Re7tYFkM: Warriors/Kids Club; aFLS49rSPQI: Mav'Rick's Birthday; YArUgU2qxU8: Taste of Spring

These are a few of our favorite blueberry recipes from The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council.

wG27n8YkGJ8: Homemade Blueberry Jam; 1KRfMshXb2E: Easy Blueberry Muffins; vXNJ-XO-ZUY: Blueberry Rosemary Moscow Mule
Enter Now | Sweet. Sustainable. Style. | California Giant Berry Farms