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Blackberries (which are actually deep purple, but DEEP PURPLEBERRIES is a mouthful) are traditionally known as the main attraction in cobblers and pies but are capable of so much more! Perfect for a stand-alone snack and just as ideal in salads, marinades, breakfasts and desserts, these sweet-tart treats always deliver smiles.

bowl of blackberries


1 cup of blackberries

60 calories


1 gram of total fat

Total Fat

8 grams of dietary fiber

Dietary Fiber

2 grams of protein



1 serving of blackberries contains MORE VITAMIN K than a peach!

Blackberries have more Vitamin K than a peach!

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Picking Precision

When selecting blackberries at your local grocery store, common attributes of a tasty ripe berry are


Consumer Tip

Blackberries DON'T ripen after harvest, so pass over berries that have uneven color or if the berry is bruised. Also, check the absorbent pad at the bottom of the container and pass if it’s wet or stained.


Find Our Berries

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Storage & Serving Success

  • Refrigerate blackberries for 1 to 3 days in your refrigerator
  • Make sure to keep them dry and eat them as soon as possible after purchase
  • Rinse under cool gentle water immediately prior to serving
  • Convenience rules! No cutting or peeling required
  • Also, check the absorbent pad at the bottom of the container and pass if it’s wet or stained.

Berry Bruschetta Trio

Party prep is a breeze (not to mention delicious!) when you feature this trio of tasty, berry-topped appetizers.

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