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Raspberries are the most delicate of the berry family and we couldn't agree more – these bright-colored babies are certainly delicacies in our book! With a perfect balance of tangy and sweet, the unique flavor of our raspberries will complement a wide array of delicious dishes. Want to add vibrance, taste and health to your diet? Check, check, check!

bowl of raspberries


1 cup of raspberries

50 calories


1 gram of total fat

Total Fat

8 grams of dietary fiber

Dietary Fiber

1 gram of protein



1 serving of raspberries contains MORE ELLAGIC ACID than Walnuts and Pecans!

Raspberries have more ellgic acid than walnuts and pecans!

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Picking Precision

When selecting raspberries at your local grocery store, common attributes of a tasty ripe berry are


Consumer Tip

Raspberries DON'T ripen after harvest, so pass over berries that are soft or if the berry is bruised. Also, check the absorbent pad at the bottom of the container and pass if it’s wet or stained.


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Storage & Serving Success

  • Keep raspberries refrigerated and dry
  • For best results, eat your raspberries within 1 or 2 days of purchase
  • Handle gently and rinse before serving

Raspberry & Blackberry Cobbler

We put a quick and easy spin on this traditional favorite which guarantees fond memories in the making!

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Berry Sweet Cravings eBook Download | California Giant Berry Farms